Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
	Order of operations
	Evaluating algebraic expressions

	Linear Equations
	Translating algebraic expressions
	Combining like terms
	Solving linear equations: Addition property
	Solving linear equations: Multiplication property
	Combining rules
	Literal equations
	Solving linear inequalities

	Graphing Linear Equations
	Linear equations in two variables
	The Cartesian coordinate system
	The graph of a linear equation
	Point-slope form of a line
	Graphing linear inequalities


	Systems of Linear Equations
	Systems of equations in two variables (addition/elimination)

	Operations with polynomials
	Positive integer exponents
	Zero and negative integer exponents
	Definition of polynomials
	Addition and subtraction of polynomials
	Multiplying polynomials

	Factoring polynomials
	Introduction to factoring
	Difference of squares
	Quadratic trinomials
	Solving equations by factoring
	Some word problems involving quadratic equations


	Radical expressions and complex numbers
	Introduction to roots and radicals
	Simplifying radical expressions [No variables]
	Operations with radical expressions	 [No rationalizing binomials]
	Complex numbers [  notation only, no operations]
	Quadratic equations and some conics
	Special methods, completing the square
	The quadratic formula
	Parabolas [Graph by table]


	SETS: Sets,subsets,equal sets,null set,universal set,finite & infinite sets,open & closed sets etc., 
	operations on sets, partition of sets, cartesian product.

	DIFFERENTIATION: Derivative, derivatives of sum, differences, product & quotients, chain rule, derivatives of composite functions .


	INTEGRATION  Integral as limit of a sum, indefinite & definite integrals, methods of integration substitution, by parts, partial fractions, integration of algebraic and transcedental functions

 	PLANE CURVES & POLAR COORDINATES: Polar coordinates, curve tracing in polar coordinates, area in polar coordinates, Arc length, area & volume of surface of revolution in Cartesian and polar coordinates.

    Text/Reference Books

	1. C. L. Liu.: Elements of Discrete Mathematics , Tata Mac-Graw Hill.
	2. Thomas, G.B. and R. L. Finney: Calculus & Analytical Geometry, Addison-Wesley , 9th edition.
	3. Chandrika Prasad : Mathematics for Engineers, Prasad Mudranalaya, Allahabad, 19th edition
	4. Shanti Narayan: Differential Calculus, S.Chand & Co.
	5. Shanti Narayan: Integral Calculus, S.Chand &  Co.

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