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Even though some peoples somehow managed to port it outside the turbo. Some people hacked their own version of graphics.h. One such person is Micheal main, he ported some of borland graphics functions and library. Micheal main modified BGI library for windows application to be used under MinGW. This BGI library is renamed as WinBGIm. Now you can use all the borland specific functions under Dev-C++.

Using the WinBGIm Graphics Library with Dev-C++
Installation Notes:
  1. Install Dev-C++. I installed from the Version Setup File.
  2. Download graphics.h to the include/ subdirectory of the Dev-C++ directories.
  3. Download libbgi.a to the lib/ In order to use the WinBGIm subdirectory of the Dev-C++ directories.
  4. Whenever you #include <graphics.h> in a program, you must instruct the linker to link in certain libraries. The command to do so from Dev-C++ is Alt-P. Choose the Parameters tab from the pop-up window and type the following into the Linker area:
    #include <graphics.h>
    int main( )
        initwindow(400, 300, "First Sample");
        outtextxy(200,300,"My first Graphics Program in Dev C++...");
        while (!kbhit( ))
        return 0;

4. You can now compile and run programs that use the WinBGIm graphics library, such as this one that opens a small window, draws a circle and waits for the user to press a key:

Some Basic Programs Using Graphics 

1.  Draw a filled rectangle.
2.  Draw a rectangle unfilled.
3.  Draw concentric circles.

Some Programs Using Graphics 

1.  Car Moving
2.  Kite Moving
3.  Pie Chart Drawing 

Some Programs Using Graphics Algorithm 

Bresenham Line Draw Algorithm With Program.
2. Mid Point Circle's Algorithm With Program.
3. Mid Point Line Draw Algorithm With Program
4. Boundary Fill's Algorithm With Program.
5. Flood Fill Algorithm With Program.
6. Translation Perform on 2D Transformations With Program.

Saturday, 13 February 2016
Posted by Pratik Badala


Structured Query Language (SQL) is the set of statements with which all programs and users access data in an Oracle database. Application programs and Oracle tools often allow users access to the database without using SQL directly, but these applications in turn must use SQL when executing the user's request. This chapter provides background information on SQL as used by most database systems.
Oracle SQL Developer provides a SQL Worksheet that you can use to query data, by writing simple or complex SQL statements. In this How-To, we look at the most basic of these, select all the data in a table, and restricting this query by reducing the columns or rows you retrieve.

TASK - 1:

1. Create the following table customer
2. Create the following table product
3. Create the following table cust_prod

TASK - 2:

1.   Find out the names of all customers
13. Find out the customers who stay in ‘Chennai‘andwhose name starts with ‘S’



Friday, 22 January 2016
Posted by Pratik Badala

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