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CPU Scheduling Algorithms

In a simple system running a single process, the time spent waiting for I/O is wasted, and those CPU cycles are lost forever. A scheduling system allows one process to use the CPU while another is waiting for I/O, thereby making full use of otherwise lost CPU cycles. The following subsections will explain several common scheduling strategies, looking at only a single CPU burst each for a small number of processes. Obviously real systems have to deal with a lot more simultaneous processes executing their CPU-I/O burst cycles.
1. First-Come First-Serve Scheduling (FCFS) 2. Shortest Job First ( Non Primitive) 3. Priority Scheduling algorithm 4. Round Robin Scheduling algorithm 5. FIFO Page Replacement algorithm 6. Optimal Page Replacement Algorithm 7. Least Recently Use(LRU) Page Replacement Algorithm 8. Banker's Algorithm
Thursday, 5 November 2015
Posted by Pratik Badala

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