Different paradigms for problem solving, need for OOP, differences between OOP and procedure oriented programming, abstraction, overview of OOP principles- encapsulation, inheritance and data binding polymorphism. abstraction.

C++ basics: structure of a C++ program, data types, declaration of variables, expressions, operators,  type conversions, pointers and arrays, strings, structures, references, flow control statement, functions-scope of variables, parameter passing, recursive functions, default arguments, inline functions, dynamic memory allocation and deallocation operators.


C++ classes and data abstraction: class definition, class structure, class objects, class scope, this pointer, static class members, constant member functions, constructors and destructors, dynamic creation and destruction of objects, friend function and class, static class member.

Overloading : function overloading, operator overloading – unary, binary operators.


Inheritance: defining a class hierarchy, different forms of inheritance, defining the base and derived classes, access to the base class members, base and derived class construction, destructors, virtual base class.

Polymorphism: static and dynamic bindings, base and derived class virtual functions, dynamic binding through virtual functions, virtual function call mechanism, pure virtual functions, abstract classes, implications of polymorphic use of classes, virtual destructors.


Templates - function templates and class templates, overloading of function template, static class member in class template.

Exception handling: benefits of exception handling, throwing an exception, the try block, catching an exception, exception objects, exception specifications, rethrowing an exception, catching all exceptions.


File handling :  stream classes hierarchy, stream I/O, file streams, opening and closing data file, creating a data file, read and write functions,  error handling during file operations, formatted I/O, sequential and random file processing.

Standard template library (STL): component of STL, containers, 	iterartors, algorithms, application of container classes.

Recommended books
	Object Oriented Programming with C++  : E. Balagurusamy

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