1. Which of the following companies developed MS Office 2000?
A. Microsoft                                   B. Corel
C. Novell                                        D. Lotus
Answer: A
2. Which of the following is not a part of a standard office suite?
A. Word Processor                          B. Data base
C. Image Editor                               D. File Manager
Answer: D
3. Which of the following is the Word Processor in MS Office?
A. Word Star                                   B. Word Pad
C. Word                                          D. Word Perfect
Answer: C
4. Which of the following is not a special program in MS Office?
A. Office Art                                  B. Clip Art
C. Word Art                                    D. Paint Art
Answer: D
5. Which is an animated character that gives help in MSOffice?
A. Office Worker                            B. Office Assistant
C. Comic Assistant                          D. None of these
Answer: B
6. In which way does MS Office provide help?
A. What’s This                                B. Office Assistant
C. Help Menu                                 D. All of the above
Answer: D
7. Which input device cannot be used to work in MSOffice?
A. Scanner                                      B. Light Pen
C. Mouse                                        D. Joy Stick
Answer: D
8. Which of the following is not a standard MSOffice Edition?
A. CE                                              B. Advanced
C. Standard                                     D. Professional
Answer: B
9. MSOffice 2000 included a full-fledged Web designing software called ___
A. MS Word                                    B. Front Page Express
C. FrontPage 2000                          D. None of these
Answer: C
10.  Which of the following are valid Minimum and Maximum zoom sizes in MSOffice?
A. 10, 100                                     B. 20, 250
C. 10, 500                                      D. 10, 1000
Answer: C
11.  Which type of files cannot be navigated using ClipArt browser?
A. AVI                                           B. BMP
C. WAV                                         D. MP3
Answer: D
12.  Which of the following is not a valid version of MS Office?
A. Office 4                                    B. Office 97
C. Office 98                                  D. Office 2000
Answer: C
13.  While working with two or more workbooks, what can be used to switch between them?
A   Microsoft Office Button
B   Windows taskbar  
C   Selection pane
D   Ribbon
Answer: B
14.  What is the default print area of a worksheet?
A  Visible part of the worksheet
B  Selected cells
C  Entire worksheet  
D  Cells A1:Z26
Answer: C
15.  What is a list of information with a row of headers followed by rows of data?
A   Document
B   Filter
C   List
D   Table 
Answer: D

16.  Which of these statements is not a guideline for creating a list for a table?
A    The first row should contain descriptive labels.
B    The data in column A should be in descending order.  
C    The header row should not have repeated labels.
D    Data in any given column should be of the same type.
Answer: B 
17.  Which of the following is the correct order for an A to Z sort?
A   1, 3, 5, 7  
B   7, 5, 3, 1
C   Tom, John, Adam
D   May 1, 2007; April 1, 2007; March 1, 2007
Answer: A
18.  Which of the following is a link?
A   $A2
B   ?A2
C   A2=
D   =B2   
Answer: D

19.  How is COUNTIFS different from COUNTIF?
A   It sums two cells with multiple arguments.
B   It counts cells with multiple criteria.  
C   It sum cells with values or labels.
D   It counts blank and non-blank cells.
Answer: B
20. Which option displays fill color in alternate rows in an Excel table? A Banded Rows B First Row C Last Row D Filled Rows
Answer: A
21. Where might you see a table name? A In the filename extension B In Formula AutoComplete C In Properties and Attributes D In the header row
Answer: B
22. What is used to save a particular arrangement of display and print settings? A Filter B Custom view C Wildcard D Print area
Answer: B
23. Which command can be used to recreate the disk’s tracks and sectors? A. FDISK B. FORMAT C. CHKDSK D. ATTRIB Answer: B
24.  Which of the following statements is true in regard to DISKCOPY?
A. COPY and DISKCOPY are same
B. DISKCOPY is a built in command in DOS
C. DISKCOPY can be used on hard disks
D. DISKCOPY can be used with a floppy and a hard disk
Answer: C
25.  FAT stands for
A. File Accommodation Table       B. File Access Tape
C. File Allocation Table          D. File Activity Table
Answer: C
26.  Which command in DOS is used to display the version of MSDOS?
A. VERSION                        B. VERIFY
C. VER                            D. VERSN
Answer: C
27.  Which of the following file names are invalid in MSDOS?
A. MYFILE.DOS                     B. CHECK$.(1)
C. VERIFIED.###                   D. QUERY.1?3
Answer: D
28.  Which command in DOS can be used to recover accidentally deleted files?
A. UNDELETE                              B. DELETE /CANCEL
C. RESTORE                                 D. RECOVER
Answer: A
29.  Which command in DOS is used to set a name to a disk?
A. VOLUME                                 B. VOL
C. LABEL                                      D. DISKLABEL
Answer: C
30.  Which of the following commands displays names of files in sorted order?
A. DIR/N                                       B. DIR/SO
C. DIR/AN                                     D. DIR/AH
Answer: C
31. Which command displays the list of all previous commands entered by the used?
A. COMMANDS/ALL                   B. KEYDOS
C. DOSKEY                                  D. DIR/ALL
Answer: C
32. Which is MS-DOS essential file?
A. command.com                           B. io.sys
C. msdos.sys                                   D. all of the above
Answer: D
33. Which of the following do you use to search a file in MS-DOS?
A. dir/d                                           B. dir/ad
C. dir/s                                            D. dir/a
Answer: C
34. What is the size limitation of MS-DOS file name and extension?
A. 8, 3                                           B. 255, 3
C. 3, 8                                            D. 255, 8
Answer: A
35. What is the command to create a new directory in MS-DOS?
A. CD                                            B. MC
C. MCD                                         D. MD
Answer: D
36. What is the command to erase a file from the disk?
A. Erase                                         B. Del
C. delete                                        D. rd
Answer: B
37. Which of the following is not an internal MS-DOS command?
A. type                                           B. edit
C. dir                                             D. copy
Answer: B
38. Which is not displayed by “CHKDSK” command?
A. storage capacity of the disk       B. number of hidden files
C. free space in the disk                D. number of executable files
Answer: D
39. Which external command file is required to use “format” command?
A. format.exe                                B. format.com
C. format.sys                                 D. format.hlp
Answer: B
40. What is the full form of DOS?
A. Digital Office Systems              B. Disk Operating System
C. Data Organization Software      D. None of the above
Answer: B
41. A program or command to execute automatically when OS starts is kept in which file?
A. autoexec.bat                              B. command.com
C. config.sys                                  D. any batch file
Answer: A
42.  Which command do you use to display the contents of a file?
A. dir                                             B. type
C. edit                                            D. copy
Answer: B
43.  Which command do you use to list all the files and folders whose name contains EST from second character?
A. dir *est                                      B. dir ?est
C. dir ?est*                                    D. dir est
Answer: C
44.  Which of the following is not a MS-DOS internal command?
A. dir                                             B. copy
C. move                                         D. rd
Answer: C
45.  Which of the following command is used to display the list of files and directories starting with ‘c’?
A. dir ?c                                         B. dir c*
C. dir c?                                         D. dir c
Answer: B
46.  Which of the following command is used to copy all the files stored in floppy disk into the DATA directory of hard disk (c drive)?
A. copy A:\*.*    C:                       B. copy A:\*.*     c:\data
C. copy A:    C:                              D. copy A:\data   C:
Answer: B
47.  What is the function of “Ctrl+C” in DOS?
A. breaks execution of command  B. copies the selected text
C. saves a file                                D. undelete the deleted file
Answer: A
48.  What happens when you type “CD\” and press “Enter” key?
A. returns to the parent directory   B. enters into a subdirectory
C. returns to the root directory       D. displays current directory
Answer: C
49.  What type of OS is MSDOS?
A. Single user, GUI                        B. Multi User, GUI
C. Single user, CUI                        D. Multi User, CUI
Answer: C
50.  What does formatting a disk mean?
A. Erasing data                             B. Bold, Italics, underline etc
C. Build/rebuild tracks, sectors    D. none of above
Answer: C

61. Which was the last version of MSDOS that was released separately?
A. 5.0                                            B. 6.0
C. 6.11                                           D. 6.22
Answer: D
62. Which file in MSDOS contains internal commands that are loaded during booting process?
A. IO.SYS                                      B. MSDOS.SYS
C. COMMAND.COM                    D. CONFIG.SYS
Answer: C
63. What is the name of the batch file that is automatically run when MSDOS is booted?
A. RUN.BAT                                 B. CONFIG.SYS
C. CONFIG.BAT                           D. AUTOEXEC.BAT
Answer: D
64. Which type of commands in DOS needs additional files for their execution?
A. Internal Commands                   B. External Commands
C. Batch Commands                      D. Redirectors
Answer: B
65. The TIME command is used to display _____ time.
A. US Time                                    B. Greenwich Mean Time
C. Julian Time                               D. System Time
Answer: A
66. Which switch should be used in the DIR command to view files in all directories?
A. /P                                              B. /W
C. /S                                               D. /L
Answer: C
67. Which among the following are the best tools for fixing errors on disks?
A. FDISK                                       B. SCANDISK
C. CHKDSK                                  D. FIXDSK
Answer: B
68. What is the switch that is used to make sure that the COPY command copied files correctly?
A.     /A                                         B.      /C
C.      /S                                          D.     /V
Answer: D
69. What will be the output of the command PROMPT $L$P$G?
A. <C:\>                                         B. <>
C. <C:\                                           D. C:\>
Answer: A
70.  Which of the following statements in regard to Directories is false?
A. Directories can exist inside directories
B. The root directory is always at the highest level
C. Directories with files can be deleted
D. Directories cannot be renamed
Answer: D

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