1. A script is a ___________________.
a. Program or sequence of instructions that is interpreted or carried out by processor
b. Program or sequence of instruction that is interpreted or carried out by another
c. Program or sequence of instruction that is interpreted or carried out by web server
d. Files Software Foundation.
Answer: B
2. When compared to the compiled program, scripts run _____________.
a. faster.
b. slower.
c. the execution speed is similar.
d. medium.
Answer: B
3. PHP is a widely used __________ scripting language that is especially suited for web
development and can be embedded into html
a. open source general purpose.
b. proprietary general purpose.
c. open source special purpose.
d. proprietary special purpose.
Answer: A
4. Open source software’s are software’s that are ________.
a. available for free of cost.
b. available for some cost.
c. having any license.
d. owned by some persons.
Answer: A
5. Which of the following is open source software?
a. Visual Basic.
b. Oracle.
c. MySQL.
d. Lotus.
Answer: C6. Which of the following is not true for open source software?
a. It is owned by a person.
b. It supports distributed development.
c. It supports collaborative development.
d. Its code is available for all.
Answer: A
7. Version control can be used _________.
a. only for backup of code.
b. for development, configuration directories and supports release branch.
c. maintaining only configuration directories.
d. only for development.
Answer: B
8. Which of the following is proprietary?
a. OpenOffice.
b. Oracle.
c. MySQL.
d. Postgres.
Answer: B
9. Which of the following rewinds the array pointer?
a. Prev();.
b. Next();.
c. Usort();.
d. Uksort();.
Answer: A
10. A software that has both proprietary license and open source license is called ______.
a. dual licensed software.
b. multiple licensed software.
c. mixed licensed software.
d. uncontrolled software.
Answer: A
11. Acronym of GPL is ___________.
a. General Public License.
b. General Private License.
c. Global Publish License.
d. Global Program License.
Answer: A
12. Open source soft wares are distributed mainly through ______.
a. cds.
b. internet.
c. memory cards.
d. hdds.
Answer: B13. Piracy is possible in _________.
a. open source software.
b. proprietary software.
c. dual-licensed software.
d. all types of software.
Answer: D
14. Which of the following function counts elements in an array, or properties in an
a. count();.
b. next();.
c. usort();.
d. uksort();.
Answer: A
15. Converts a French Republican date to a Julian day count _____________.
a. GregorianToJD().
b. FrenchToJD().
c. JulianToJD().
d. jdtounix().
Answer: B
16. PHP stands for ___________.
a. Hypertext Preprocessor.
b. Perfect Hypertext Preprocessor.
c. Past Hypertext Preprocessor.
d. Process HyPertext.
Answer: A
17. PHP is a ______________.
a. client-side scripting language.
b. server-side scripting language.
c. both server-side and client-side scripting language.
d. structured programming language.
Answer: B
18. Which one is right in PHP?
a. var_name = $value;.
b. $var_name = $value;.
c. $var_name = value;.
d. var_name = value;.
Answer: C
19. The definition of open source was based on the Debian Free Software Guidelines,
written and adapted primarily by ___________.
a. Bruce Perens.
b. Tim O'Reilly.
c. Linus Torvalds.
d. Tom Paquin.
Answer: A20. Which of the following is not true?
a. PHP can be used to develop web applications.
b. PHP makes a website dynamic.
c. PHP applications can not be compiled.
d. PHP can not be embedded into html.
Answer: D
21. The _________ was formed in February 1998 by Eric S. Raymond and Bruce Perens.
a. open source definition.
b. open source.
c. open source software.
d. open source initiative.
Answer: C
22. OSI stands for __________.
a. Open Source Initiative.
b. Open Source Intermediate.
c. Open Source Institution.
d. Open Software Institution.
Answer: A
23. Which of the following variables is not a predefined variable?
a. $get.
b. $ask.
c. $request.
d. $post.
Answer: B
24. Closed source alternatively called as ________.
a. open source.
b. proprietary software.
c. hybrid software.
d. commercial software.
Answer: C
25. When you need to obtain the ASCII value of a character which of the following
function you apply in PHP?
a. chr( );.
b. asc( );.
c. ord( );.
d. val( );.
Answer: C
26. MySQL is a ______.
a. web server.
b. operating system.
c. programming language.
d. database software.
Answer: A27. PHP is a ________ originally designed for producing dynamic web pages.
a. web server.
b. operating system.
c. reflective programming language.
d. database software.
Answer: C
28. __________is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and
open source software.
a. Fedora Linux.
b. Debian Linux.
c. Mandriva Linux.
d. DesktopBSD Unix.
Answer: D
29. The open source office suite is _______________.
a. staroffice.
b. stardivision.
c. openoffice.
d. windowsoffice.
Answer: C
30. SISSL stands for _______________.
a. Sun Industry Standards Source License.
b. Sun Initiative Standards Source License.
c. Star Industry Standards Software License.
d. Sun Industry Standards Software License.
Answer: A
31. Which of the following method is suitable when you need to send larger form
a. Get.
b. Post.
c. Both Get and Post.
d. There is no direct way for larger form. You need to store them in a file and retrieve.
Answer: B
32. An information resource is identified by a __________.
a. software application.
b. file system.
c. uniform resource identifier.
d. world wide web.
Answer: D
33. The first Web browser, World Wide Web, is by _________.
a. Tim Berners-Lee.
b. Ted Nelson.
c. Douglas Engelbart.
d. Marc Andreessen.
Answer: A34. Microsoft responded with its browser Internet Explorer in __________.
a. 1993.
b. 1992.
c. 1996.
d. 1995.
Answer: A
35. The function used to get the data type of a variable in PHP is _____________.
a. getType();.
b. gettype();.
c. setType();.
d. settype();.
Answer: B
36. The function used to set the data type of a variable in PHP is _______________.
a. getType();.
b. gettype();.
c. setType();.
d. settype();.
Answer: D
37. The function which allows to see whether the variable is declared or not ________.
a. isset();.
b. unset();.
c. gettype();.
d. empty();.
Answer: A
38. _______ is used to completely destroy a variable and release any memory that has
been allocated.
a. Isset();.
b. Unset();.
c. Gettype();.
d. Empty();.
Answer: B
39. ________ can connect to databases using the access methods ADO, JDBC, or ODBC.
a. Staroffice.
b. Stardivision.
c. OpenOffice.
d. Windowsoffice.
Answer: C
40. _________ is the leading open office suite.
a. Open Office.
b. KOffice.
c. GnomeOffice.
d. Microsoft Office.
Answer: A41. The function setcookie( ) is used to _______________.
a. enable or disable cookie support.
b. declare cookie variables.
c. store data in cookie variable.
d. retrieve the value .
Answer: C
42. _____________ is integrated with a web browser.
a. File manager.
b. Server.
c. Desktop manager.
d. Window manager.
Answer: A
43. ____________ organizes windows, menus and scroll bars.
a. File manager.
b. Server.
c. Desktop manager.
d. Window manager.
Answer: D
44. Which of the following mode of fopen() function opens a file only for writing. If a
file with that name does not exist, attempts to create a new file. If the file exist, place the
file pointer at the end of the file after all other data.
a. W.
b. W+.
c. A.
d. A+.
Answer: C
45. To work with remote files in PHP you need to enable ___________.
a. allow_url_fopen.
b. allow_remote_files.
c. user.
d. series.
Answer: A
46. The environmental variable which contains the user browser type is __________.
Answer: A
47. GUI stands for ___________________.
a. graphical Unit Interface.
b. graphical User Interface.
c. graphical User Integration.
d. graphics User Interface.
Answer: B48. The Environmental variable in PHP which lists the contents of cookies in use ______.
Answer: A
49. Which one is not a professional application?
a. Presentation software.
b. Graphics.
c. Database front ends.
d. Web designers.
Answer: A
50. __________ array function is used to add values to arrays in PHP.
a. Array_push();.
b. Array_pop();.
c. Array_explode();.
d. Array_implode();.
Answer: A
51. ___________ array function is used to delete values from arrays in PHP.
a. Array_push();.
b. Array_pop();.
c. Array_explode();.
d. Array_implode();.
Answer: B
52. Which among the following is exit controlled loop?
a. Do/while.
b. While/do.
c. For.
d. For each.
Answer: A
53. ______________ function is used to sort arrays in ascending order for numberindexed arrays.
a. Sort();.
b. Rsort();.
c. Assort();.
d. Ksort();.
Answer: A
54. The linux operating system was coded by computer programmer called _______.
a. Linus Benedict Torvalds .
b. Linuxman.
c. Richard Stallman.
d. Richard Stallings.
Answer: A

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