1. A complete repaint of a form or control can be enforced by ________ method.
a. refresh.
b. fresh.
c. show.
d. hide.
Answer: A
2. ________ event is fired when there is a change in the contents of the text box.
a. Click.
b. Got focus.
c. Lost focus.
d. Change.
Answer: D
3. ________ is used to link or embed object, display and manipulate data from other windows
based applications.
a. OLE.
b. DLE.
c. MLE.
d. CLE.
Answer: A
4. The _______ event occurs when the form is closed by the user.
a. load.
b. click.
c. double click.
d. unload.
Answer: D
5. The ________ method is used to display a form object.
a. show.
b. hide.
c. control.
d. list.
Answer: A
6. A ________ is a window that contains application code and has other objects placed on it to
create the user interface.
a. code.
b. object.
c. form.
d. explorer.
Answer: C7. Visual basic project files are saved with an extension _________.
a. .vbp.
b. .lmp.
c. .bvp.
d. .frm.
Answer: A
8. Form files are saved with an extension __________.
a. .frm.
b. .prj.
c. .vbp.
d. .rfm.
Answer: A
9. The ________ box displays the name of the selected object associated with the form.
a. object.
b. list.
c. combo.
d. checkbox.
Answer: A
10. A ________ procedure is used to create and manipulate custom properties.
a. mini.
b. property.
c. maxi.
d. stored.
Answer: B
11. Writing code in _________ modules can create new objects.
a. form.
b. procedure.
c. class.
d. window.
Answer: C
12. __________ structure is for selectively executing a single block of statements from among
multiple blocks of statements.
a. Do case.
b. Select-case.
c. For Next.
d. Do While.
Answer: B
13. The ________ statement first executes the statements and then tests the condition after each
a. do-until.
b. do-loop while.
c. select-case.
d. if end if.
Answer: B14. The _________ function with symbols representing the date and time is used to print the
formatted dates and times.
a. string.
b. format.
c. val.
d. date.
Answer: B
15. ________ is the function used to compare two strings.
a. Strinv.
b. StrComp.
c. CompStr.
d. String.
Answer: B
16. The __________ function returns the intervals between two dates in terms of years, months
or days.
a. datediff.
b. dateiff.
c. diffdate.
d. dateinter.
Answer: A
17. The ________ function returns the length of string.
a. length.
b. len.
c. strlen.
d. lenstr.
Answer: B
18. ________ function returns a Variant (Long) specifying the position of the first occurrence of
one string within another.
a. StrIn.
b. InStr.
c. StrVar.
d. VarStr.
Answer: B
19. The value property of the scroll bar represents its current value which may be any integer
between ________ and ________ value.
a. mini, maxi.
b. large, short.
c. high, low.
d. minimum, maximum.
Answer: D
20. A Combo box combines the features of ________ and _________.
a. list box, option button.
b. textbox, checkbox.
c. list box, scrollbar.
d. textbox, list box.
Answer: D21. _________ method removes list entries from a list box at run time.
a. Item remove.
b. Delete.
c. Remove item.
d. Erase.
Answer: B
22. Control arrays are added at run time using __________ statement.
a. unload object.
b. load object.
c. form load.
d. form unload.
Answer: B
23. ________ statement removes a control from an array.
a. Unload Object.
b. Load Object.
c. Form Load.
d. Form Unload.
Answer: A
24. _______ is displayed as a horizontal line between items on a menu bar.
a. Horizontal Bar.
b. Separator Bar.
c. Vertical Bar.
d. Split Bar.
Answer: B
25. Check mark can be placed on a menu item using __________ property.
a. checked.
b. unchecked.
c. caption.
d. text.
Answer: A
26. ________ argument is an integer called button.
a. Second.
b. First.
c. Third.
d. Fourth.
Answer: B
27. ________ event occurs when the user presses any mouse button.
a. MouseUp.
b. MouseRight.
c. MouseLeft.
d. MouseDown.
Answer: D
28. ________ field is used to create an array of menu commands.
a. Index.
b. Checked.
c. Enabled.d. Visible.
Answer: A
29. ________ and ________ functions are used to add predefined dialog boxes.
a. Input( ) and Msgbox( ).
b. Msgbox( ) and Listbox( ).
c. Combobox( ) and Input( ).
d. Input( ) and Listbox( ).
Answer: A
30. The common Dialog is used as a _________ that lets the user select and saves files.
a. dialog box.
b. msgbox.
c. input box.
d. listbox.
Answer: A
31. ______ function specifies the file name and assigns the picture to the picture property.
a. Unload picture.
b. Load picture.
c. Show picture.
d. List picture.
Answer: B
32. ________ method sets the colour of an individual pixel.
a. Reset.
b. Set.
c. Point.
d. Fixed.
Answer: B
33. The point method returns the ________ of a particular pixel.
a. color.
b. position.
c. coordinate.
d. center point.
Answer: A
34. ________ property of an image control sizes the picture loaded to it.
a. Undeclared variable.
b. Text.
c. Image.
d. Declared variable.
Answer: D
35. ________ event occurs whenever the size of the form is changed.
a. Size.
b. Change.
c. Fixed.
d. Resize.
Answer: D
36. ________ method with _______ argument is used to cascade forms.
a. Arrange, VbCascade.b. Arrange, VbFill.
c. Arrange, VbUnfill.
d. Arrange, Cascade.
Answer: A
37. A cell is an intersection of _______ and _______.
a. row, rows.
b. row, column.
c. column, column.
d. row, line.
Answer: B
38. _______ property is set to change the height of a cell.
a. Row.
b. Column.
c. Column height.
d. Row height .
Answer: D
39. ________ kinds of rows and columns are created in the MSFlexGrid control.
a. Two.
b. One.
c. Three.
d. Four.
Answer: A
40. _______ is a process involving a minimum of two independent entries one being the client
and the other is the server.
a. Cient/Server Architecture.
b. Client Architecture.
c. Server Architecture.
d. Network.
Answer: A
41. The code in an application can be broken into logical components by _______ process.
a. procedural.
b. modular.
c. function.
d. portioning.
Answer: D
42. A __________ is a collection of object classes that model the structure of a relational
database system.
a. ADO.
b. RDO.
c. DOA.
d. DAO.
Answer: D
43. The ________ object is a stored query definition, which is a precompiled SQL statement.
a. QueryDef.
b. QueryFix.
c. QueryDif.d. QueryFed.
Answer: A
44. ________ queries are SQL statements that perform specific actions on the database.
a. Action.
b. Fixed.
c. Unfixed.
d. Select.
Answer: A
45. The _______ method creates a connection between the application and the ODBC database
and assigns it to a database type object.
a. FixedDatabase.
b. SelectDatabase.
c. CreateDatabase.
d. OpenDatabase.
Answer: D
46. The Data control implements data access by using the __________.
a. Microsoft Jet Database Engine.
b. Microsoft RDO.
c. Microsoft ADO.
d. Microsoft DAO.
Answer: A
47. The ______ is a spreadsheet-like bound control that displays a series of rows and columns
representing rows and fields from a recordset object.
a. FXGrid control.
b. RCGrid control.
c. DBGrid control.
d. LRGrid control.
Answer: C
48. The ________ method of the connection object is used to run the queries against the
a. Open Resultset.
b. Close Resultset.
c. Fix Resultset.
d. Unfix Resultset.
Answer: A
49. The _______ object contains information about every column in the database table that exists
in the remote data source.
a. adotable object.
b. daotable object.
c. rodtable object.
d. rdotable object.
Answer: D
50. _____ of the query designer interface displays the input sources for querying.
a. Select.
b. Diagram.
c. Image.d. Result.
Answer: B
51. In coding window, the programming statement has been written in the _____.
a. block.
b. group.
c. event.
d. property.
Answer: C
52. ________event will execute automatically at the activation of the tool.
a. GotFocus.
b. LostFocus.
c. Enabled.
d. Click.
Answer: A
53. The _________ key is used as control key on moving around the form without mouse.
a. spacebar
b. enter.
c. shift.
d. tab.
Answer: D
54. In command button the _____ property is used to change the label value for any content.
a. name.
b. font.
c. caption.
d. height.
Answer: C
55. In visual basic the _____ file consist of complete coding and form design.
a. project.
b. form.
c. class.
d. module.
Answer: A
56. Self Length Property is supported by ____________ control in VB.
a. label.
b. text box.
c. command button.
d. option button.
Answer: B
57. In multiple form based project the current form represented by _________ keyword.
a. me.
b. load.
c. class.
d. form.
Answer: A
58. Like text box, __________ is another tool used for display / output the information.
a. input box.b. frame.
c. label.
d. message box.
Answer: D
59. Among the various properties of the tools in VB, in general _____ property in not supposed
to change the value at maximum time.
a. caption.
b. name.
c. height.
d. color.
Answer: B
60. _________ property is used to hide the tool in run time by setting value as false.
a. Visible.
b. Enabled.
c. Hide.
d. Delete.
Answer: A
61. SDI stands for ___________.
a. Simple Document Interface.
b. Single Document Interface.
c. Sample Document Interface.
d. Simple Document Internal.
Answer: B
62. ___________ is a command used to come out of the loop.
a. break.
b. continue.
c. case.
d. else if.
Answer: A
63. The component option is used to insert new tool in to the toolbox, _________ menu is used.
a. file.
b. view.
c. project.
d. help.
Answer: C
64. ____________ boxes display information in a dialog box superimposed on the form.
a. Input.
b. Message.
c. Text.
d. List.
Answer: B
65. In VB the order in which you create the controls is the order used by using ____ key.
a. tab.
b. spacebar
c. caps.
d. scroll.Answer: A
66. In visual basic the _____ value is equivalent to the vb YES NO button in message box.
a. 2.
b. 4.
c. 6.
d. 8.
Answer: B
67. The F5 is key pressed the ___________ event of form is executed first.
a. activate.
b. got focus.
c. initialize.
d. paint procedure.
Answer: C
68. ASCII stands for _____________.
a. American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
b. American Source Code for Information Interchange.
c. American Source Code for Information Interface.
d. American Standard Code for Interval Interface.
Answer: A
69. In coding window the _________ shortcut key is used to find the particular character or code.
a. Ctrl + Q.
b. Ctrl + F.
c. Alt + F.
d. Alt + Q.
Answer: B
70. The right hand drop down list box in the coding window is called __________ list box.
a. procedure.
b. event.
c. task.
d. content.
Answer: A
71. The ___________ shortcut is used to get the QuickInfo option in visual basic.
a. Ctrl + Q.
b. Ctrl + Z.
c. Ctrl + I.
d. Ctrl + F.
Answer: C
72. In visual basic the, Visible property consists ____________ state.
a. 6.
b. 4.
c. 2.
d. 1.
Answer: C
73. The ____________data type is the default and standard type used in programming side.
a. variant.
b. string.c. numeric.
d. byte.
Answer: A
74. In data type the ____________ prefix used to represent the Boolean data.
a. bcl.
b. bln.
c. bct.
d. bty.
Answer: B
75. The ___________ function returns a string stored in a variant data type.
a. Chr.
b. Char.
c. Str.
d. String.
Answer: A
76. To run / to install the Visual basic 6.0 minimum of ________ RAM capacity.
a. 1 mb.
b. 32 mb.
c. 64 mb.
d. 128 mb.
Answer: B
77. GUI stands for ___________.
a. Graphical User Interface.
b. Graphical User Internal.
c. Graphical User Information.
d. Graphical User Interchange.
Answer: A
78. _________ option in project explorer window used display the coding of the program.
a. View object.
b. View code.
c. View source.
d. View design.
Answer: B
79. To open the property window for usage __________ shortcut key is used.
a. F3.
b. F2.
c. F5.
d. F4.
Answer: D
80. In visual basic form, the caption property content will reflect in ___________ area.
a. status .
b. work.
c. title.
d. right.
Answer: C
81. The __________ property is used in VB for maximum form at run time.a. window status.
b. caption.
c. name.
d. window resize.
Answer: A
82. The ____ is a shortcut key used to replace the content by specific data in coding window.
a. Ctrl + F.
b. Ctrl + H.
c. Ctrl + Z.
d. Ctrl + R.
Answer: B
83. In declaration a variables __________ length of characters is allotted for a variable.
a. 32.
b. 64.
c. 255.
d. 128.
Answer: C
84. From the following ___________ tool is used to display pictures in VB form.
a. picture.
b. shape.
c. list box.
d. check box.
Answer: A
85. In VB form, the name property can be named with alphabets; ________ is the maximum
number of character allowed.
a. 10.
b. 20.
c. 40.
d. 50.
Answer: C
86. In command button, the _______ symbol is used to make the button with shortcut key access.
a. %.
b. &.
c . #.
d. @.
Answer: B
87. ___________ is property is used to hide the content in textbox with some symbols.
a. Name.
b. Caption.
c. Hidden.
d. Pass word char.
Answer: D
88. _________ property is used to set the flow of control in between the multiple controls.
a. Index.
b. Tab Value.
c. Tab Index.d. Value.
Answer: C
89. The __________ number of events related to form execution.
a. 2.
b. 6.
c. 10.
d. 12.
Answer: B
90. The _________ is the function which is used to display the picture using picture box.
a. picture( ).
b. load picture( ).
c. pic( ).
d. display picture( ).
Answer: B
91. The __________ concept is used to check for multiple conditions in VB.
a. for_loop.
b. if.
c. if…elseif
d. while.
Answer: C
92. In the following logic, the condition is check at the end of the loop.
a. If then Endif.
b. For Loop.
c. While.
d. Do_While.
Answer: D
93. In For_Loop operation ________ keyword is used to increment the value of variable for
a. else.
b. step.
c. incr.
d. select.
Answer: B
94. _________ is the keyword represents the end of the for_loop in Visual basic.
a. next.
b. end.
c. close.
d. stop.
Answer: A
95. The __________ type of operator is used for checking comparing values.
a. bits wise.
b. logic.
c. relational.
d. arithmetic.
Answer: C
96. The _________ is a keyword is used to combine two conditions for checking at same time.a. or.
b. and.
c. else.
d. loop.
Answer: B
97. In for_loop concept in visual basic _______ keyword is used to come out the loop
a. exit.
b. out for.
c. exit for.
d. exit if.
Answer: C
98. The _________ statement is used to change the control to specified location without any
a. goto.
b. select.
c. else if.
d. while.
Answer: A
99. In list box concept ___________ function is used to insert item to the list.
a. addlist().
b. additem().
c. addcount().
d. adddata().
Answer: B
100. _____________ function is used to delete all the data items be completely removed.
a. list( ).
b. listdel( ).
c. listclear( ).
d. listremove( ).
Answer: C

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