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In the early 1980’s, also at Bell Laboratories, another programming language was created which was based upon the C language.  This new language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup and was called C++.  Stroustrup states that the purpose of C++ is to make writing good programs easier and more pleasant for the individual programmer.  When he designed C++, he added OOP (Object Oriented Programming) features to C without significantly changing the C component.  Thus C++ is a “relative” (called a superset) of C, meaning that any valid C program is also a valid C++ program.


1.  Print "Hello" in  C++ 

2.  If - else Condition 
3.  Factorial Number Using Recursive Function
4.  Switch Case Using C++
5.  Create Class and Object
6.  Making A Constructor
7.   Function Overloading
8.   Operator Overloading
9.  Simgle Inheritance
10. Polymorphism in C++
11. Exception Handling
12. Template Using in C++

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